We are Master Storytellers, whether we use video stories or public relations. We know how to tell and promote captivating stories, both in English and in Spanish.

     Sevilla Productions is an Award-winning, and Emmy nominated company, with 30-years of Broadcast News, Public Relations, Video Production, and Storytelling experience.

     We produce short to long format videos, podcasts, and documentaries. Our bilingual team will help you every step of the way with Start-to-Finish projects. Everyone has an incredible story to tell. Let us tell and promote your story!


    Public Relations helps promote your message and it strengthens your brand.

     Everything starts with a story and we love telling and promoting stories through Public Relations and compelling videos or digital stories. Both, Public Relations and digital stories can clearly profile a program, an organization, or an event. More importantly, Public Relations and videos can instantly capture the viewer's attention. 

     Our team will help you with: Story Concept, Press Release, Media Pitch, and Interview Coaching to maximize your message for Print/TV/Radio, and Live In-Studio.

Public Relations

San Diego History Center at the KUSI-9 Studios

Public Relations

MANA de San Diego at the KGTV-10 Studios


     Social Media and E-Blast Video Campaigns are an excellent tool! You can easily and successfully reach and impact your members, audience, and viewers through video campaigns.

     Because videos are nearly 50% more effective than text, E-Blast and Social Media video campaigns can clearly and quickly deliver your message with positive results. Let us strategize your next Social Media and E-Blast video campaign.



     Media Coaching will help you learn new techniques to maximize your message and interviews with the media

     Learn how to do Live In-Studio, On-Camera, or News Conference interviews with ease, and confidence.

     We have conducted thousands of On-Camera interviews for Broadcast News, Production, and Podcast projects. We can help you with key elements for a successful interview that will clearly deliver your message and strengthen your brand.

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