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     WELCOME TO SEVILLA PRODUCTIONS:  Our passion is storytelling through video, images, natural sounds, narration, music, and expert interviews. We are a multi-award-winning, multi-Emmy-nominated, and fully bilingual team. We produce broadcast-quality videos, podcasts, and documentaries for a variety of local, national, and international clients.

     Historic Places with Elsa Sevilla and San Diego's Historic Places are produced by Sevilla Productions exclusively for KPBS-TV and PBS stations. Some of the best projects we have produced tell the history of the First People of the Kumeyaay Nation, whose original territory is from Oceanside, South to Ensenada, and East near the Salton Sea. We also tell the stories of the first African-Americans, Korean-Mexican-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Mexicans, and Pioneers, who first arrived in San Diego in the 1600s, 1700s, and 1800s. Our focus is telling the region's history during the earlier years.


Historic Places & Other Projects

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     Historic Places, the series, is one of the most watched, locally produced shows on KPBS-TV and PBS stations. Sevilla Productions has produced nearly 85 documentaries about the region's rich and diverse history.  Historic Places debuted on KPBS-TV in 2008.
     Be sure to join Host and Executive Producer Elsa Sevilla as she shares the region's rich and diverse history and documents it for future generations.
    The series airs on KPBS-TV on Thursday at 9 pm and Sunday at 4 pm. You can also catch full episodes of Historic Places on the KPBS-TV website.

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