Experienced Storytellers!

     Our Sevilla Productions team is an Award-winning, and Emmy nominated company, with 30-years of experience in Broadcast News, Video Production, and Storytelling. 

     Whether we use video, narration, or public relations, we know how to tell and promote compelling and memorable stories, both in English and in Spanish. 

     Having the right image and video message is critical to the success of any organization or business, especially when video stories are at least 49-percent more effective than text. Public Relations enhances your brand, reputation, and gives you additional visibility in the community. 


     Everyone has an incredible story to tell. Let us tell and promote your story!

     Monthly Services:

  •     Public Relations

  •     Video Production

  •     Media Training

  •     Livestream with Video Inserts 

  •     Bilingual Moderator 

  •     Video Fundraising Campaigns

  •     Podcasts

  •     Documentaries

  •     Broadcast News 

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