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WELCOME TO SEVILLA PRODUCTIONS:  We are dedicated storytellers, crafting narratives with video, images, sounds, narration, music, and expert interviews. As a multi-award-winning, multi-Emmy-nominated team, we pride ourselves on offering a fully bilingual experience. Specializing in captivating videos, engaging podcasts, and enlightening documentaries, our diverse content caters to local, national, and international audiences.

Notable projects include the acclaimed TV series "Historic Places with Elsa Sevilla" and "San Diego's Historic Places," produced exclusively for KPBS-TV and PBS stations in the Southwestern United States. These series underscore our commitment to documenting, preserving, and sharing the region's rich history.

Our overarching goal is to bring history to life, presenting a tapestry that celebrates diversity. Through meticulous storytelling and visuals, we invite audiences to embark on a journey through time, discovering untold tales that shaped San Diego's vibrant history. Watch samples of our work below.

Historic Places & Other Projects

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"Historic Places with Elsa Sevilla and San Diego's Historic Places," our acclaimed series, stands as one of the most-watched locally produced shows on KPBS-TV and PBS stations. With nearly 85 documentaries to our credit, Sevilla Productions, LLC has passionately delved into the rich and diverse history of the region. The series made its debut on KPBS-TV in 2008.

Join Host and Executive Producer Elsa Sevilla on this captivating journey as she unveils the stories that shape the region's vibrant history, meticulously documented for future generations.

Tune in to "Historic Places" every Thursday at 9 pm and Sundays at 4 pm on KPBS-TV. Additionally, full episodes are available on the KPBS-TV website, ensuring you can catch the series at your convenience. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history with each episode of "Historic Places."

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