"Historic Places with Elsa Sevilla" on KPBS-TV is an Emmy Nominated and Multi-Award Winning series. It's consistently, one of the top-rated and one of the longest running, local programs on KPBS and it's making history as it heads into Season 10! The new series: The First People, The Encounter & The Lost City is coming soon.

     Also, for the first time, Historic Places, details the First People of the Kumeyaay Nation's rich and complex history during pre-contact in Southern California and Northern Baja California. Because little information is written about the First People, from their perspective, we wanted to learn and document their history. Producers Elsa and Guillermo Sevilla help preserve their rich and diverse past that is often overshadowed. We learn how resourceful, versatile and adaptive the First People are and how they master: astrology, astronomy, medicine, tool making, hunting, harvesting, trading, nutrition, arts and culture, and more.