We are a Multi-Emmy nominated and Multi-Award-Winning company, for our work with news, investigative, medical, feature, and history stories.

     Our team has been creating clear, compelling, and meaningful Video projects and Public Relations services for an array of clients, since 1998. 

     We know the importance of having that constant visibility in the Media and on the different social media platforms. That's why we offer effective and affordable monthly packages.

     Let us help you with Public Relations, Videos for Email Marketing, Social Media, Fundraising, and Video Production Services!​


    Email Video Marketing:                        Public Relations:

     -Story & Video Concepts                                      -Story Concepts

     -Fundraising Video Campaign                              -Press Releases

     -Professional Profile Videos                                  -Media Pitches

     -Testimonials                                                         -TV & Radio Interview Coaching

     -Script Writing                                                        -Video News Releases


     Video Production:                                    Videos:

     -Story & Video Concepts                                        -Email Marketing                       

     -Short Videos                                                          -Social Media

     -Podcasts                                                                -Youtube

     -Documentaries                                                      -Web

     -TV Spots  

     -Script Writing                                                            

     -Start-to-Finish Projects


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