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     My passion is great storytelling through Media Consulting, Public Relations, Social Media, E-newsletters, and E-blasts.   
     As a former Television Journalist and Filmmaker, I know how to spot a great story and get media coverage. I love to use my journalistic skills, media contacts, and media expertise to give my clients big results.
     Having a great Communication Team at your fingertips allows you to clearly communicate with your clients and members, increase visibility and strengthen your brand.
     We are a multi-award-winning, multi-Emmy-nominated, and fully bilingual team. We honed our craft at KGTV-10 starting in 1990, but soon ventured out and founded Sevilla Productions in 1998. Through Sevilla Productions, we provide Media Consulting, Public Relations, Social Media Strategies, and Communication services. 



     Media Consulting is an essential tool for any business or organization. Media Consulting helps a business or organization strengthen its brand, reputation and gain visibility and credibility in the community. Everything starts with a story and Media Consulting can clearly help profile a program, an organization, or an event.


     We will help you with:

  • TV, Print & Radio Story Concepts

  • TV, Print & Radio In-Studio Interviews

  • Press Conferences
Digital social media


Live Interview

     I use Public Relations to promote captivating stories, both in English and in Spanish. Storytelling and Public Relations are great and easy ways to showcase programs and events. I prepare my clients for press conferences and interview with the media. 
     Our team will help with:

  • Story Concepts     

  • Press Release 

  • Media Pitch

  • In-Studio Interviews

  • Interview Coaching to maximize your message.   


     Social media is an excellent way to stay relevant with clients and members. It's also a great way to strengthen your brand and share up-to-date information on major events. Social media allows organizations and businesses to instantly engage with their clients and members.

  • Strategic Message

  • Graphic/Photo

  • Multiple Daily Posts

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E-newsletters & E-blasts are excellent tools to keep your clients and members connected and informed about your organization/business. Whether it's weekly, or monthly E-marketing, your clients, and members can stay informed about programs, events, milestones, and important dates. 
    We can help you with:

  • Monthly or quarterly E-newsletters

  • Weekly or monthly E-blasts

  • Article & Story Concepts